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About Us – Shark SUPs


Spawned purely out of passion for water sports and in the relaxed spirit of having fun and excitement on the waves, Shark SUPs is the brainchild of Alan Xu. The platform was set up in 2009 and continues to thrill its patrons with state of the art products in the realm of inflatable SUP boards.

 Lifestyle, and Business

Passionate about the beach and the paddling lifestyle, Alan started the company with the objective of simply sharing his passion for paddling and the associated lifestyle with his friends and anybody who shared his passion. Slowly but surely, the passion built up into his career, as Shark SUPs grow in stature much bigger than he had imagined. Today, Shark SUPs is the leading China inflatable SUP supplier providing its ever-widening customer base with a crazy choice of products for the casual surfer anywhere in the world.

We operate out of Weihai China, which is widely recognized as the hotspot for providers and manufacturers of inflatable paddle board. Although it is a fierce fight for domination, Shark SUPs holds several advantages over the other inflatable sup manufacturer. The most pertinent among these is that Shark provides an extensive range of inflatable SUP boards with best quality and service.

 Our Philosophy

We believed that SUP is much more than just how they look. It’s about the whole experience. The board’s quality, performance, storage, transportation and ease of inflation make a whole package, and nothing should be missing out.