9’2 All Round Surf Paddle Board

9’2 All Round Surf Paddle Board

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9’2  Smurf Surf

The 9’2 “Smurf” Surf is the all round surf paddle board. It is the most popular design for kids and ladies, perfect for lighter to average size rider beginner up to 1165 Ibs) with paddling and surfing orientation. Great Performance on wave tracking.

It can be safely pumped up to 25 PSI which means incredible stiffness, stability and easy to paddle.

These items are sold separately: Paddles, Leash and other Accessories.




Model 9’2 Smurf Surf
Length 9’2 FT
Width 30 Inches
Thickness 4 Inches
Weight  17LBS
Volume 173L
Fin Set Up 9 Inch Removable Center Box Fin + 2 Side Fins
Construction Shark Fusion Drop Stitch
Traction Pad Crocodile pattern
Handle Comfort Carry Handle
Max PSI 25 PSI
Recommend PSI 15 PSI
Pump Dual Action High Pressure Pump
Rider Weight Up to 75KGS/165LBS
D-Rings 1 On The Nose For Towing – 1 On The Tail For A Leash – 4 On The Deck For Rigging Kits




 Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board
 Shark Backpack
 High-Pressure Hand Pump
 Repair Kit


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