Product Description

There is a lot of excitement that comes with being on a paddleboard alone but that excitement is multiplied the moment you include friends or family. With up to eight people on board, the Whale Shark Extra Large SUP from Shark SUPs is exactly what you need. It has been found to be ideal for tours on the rivers and even on flat water.

The weight of this Whale Shark XL is light so that it is really easy to transport as well as carry to the designated points. It inflates easily and becomes stiff and mighty stable which is made possible by the Three Shark High-Pressure Double Action Pumps that come with it. It also deflates really quickly and for easy transport, you can roll it into a compact size. The material that went into making this SUP is Heavy Duty PVC with Single Layer Technology that is really light as well as durable.

Great for a large group of friends, paddling groups, and even school classes. The fact that everyone can have fun at the same time is what makes this paddleboard a really great one. It is 18’ long and 80” wide which gives enough room for everyone to have fun and you can even include the dog.


  • Heavy Duty Single Layer Technology
  • Three Shark Double Action pumps inclusive
  • Easy handling and transport by the 11 handles
  • Super light
  • All water conditions friendly
  • D-Rings of Stainless steel for attachments
  • Quick Inflation and deflation by 3 valves
  • Easy roll up
  • XL Bag available for Easy storage and transport