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The feeling of being out on the water on a stand up paddle board is like floating on air.

 -Alan Xu, Founder of Shark SUPs


At Shark SUPs, we believe that stand up paddle boarding is an experience, and everything we do is dedicated to making it a more enjoyable, affordable and accessible experience.

Our mission is to get everyone out on the water.





We design and build the highest quality inflatable stand up paddle boards (SUPs) in the world, available in a wide range of sizes made to fit every lifestyle and budget.

Our team is dedicated to supporting each other through teamwork, positive feedback and a commitment to the highest standards. We put a big focus on building long-term relationships with our customers and distributors – many of whom have become our friends.

We’re constantly innovating with new designs and new uses like our Yoga SUP and our gigantic Whale Shark SUP, as well as making continual improvements to our entire line of stand up paddle boards and accessories.

We want you to get the best value when you purchase a Shark SUP: an affordable high-quality inflatable SUP, plus everything you need to get started – all backed by our 3-year warranty and no-hassle guarantee.




Our company was founded by Alan Xu after he fell in love with stand up paddle boarding. It only took one time and he was hooked!

Alan loved the experience of “being out on the water,” and wanted to share it with more people.

He was shocked when he saw the prices for top-of-the-line paddle boards. Next, he looked at inflatable paddle boards which were easier to carry and cost less, but they weren’t very well made.

Frustrated that there wasn’t an easy way for Alan and his friends to get out on the water and have fun, he decided to build his own board: a high-quality inflatable SUP that could perform equal or better to a traditional stand up paddle board.

Two years later, in 2014, after working directly with engineers and testing the models himself, Alan launched Shark SUPs and we released our first board. Since then, we’ve rapidly grown to become a global brand that’s trusted for high quality SUPs and reliable customer support.

To this day, our mission remains the same, to get more people out on the water so they can have the same amazing experience that Alan had the first time on a stand up paddle board.


See you out on the water!