How To Find Stand Up Paddleboard Races Coming In 2018

Have you improved your paddleboarding skills?

The sport you love can be even more fun when you add in a little competition. There are plenty of opportunities to join in a stand-up paddleboard race in 2018. Most events offer paddleboard rentals if you travel to the event. Or you can bring along you Shark SUP inflatable racing paddleboard. It will fit right in with your luggage.

Stand up paddleboard racing has grown since its start in 2003. According to Wikipedia, the first stand up paddle race took place in 2003 when added to a surfing contest. It has since grown to a worldwide phenomenon.

Want to see what all the fuss is about? Here’s a fun look at a SUP race, the Maliko Downwind SUP Race in Maui.

If you’re ready to tackle your first race, find an opportunity near you. Here are a few reliable resources to find paddleboard races in 2018.

Paddle Guru – The PaddleGuru website is a site created by racers for racers. Here’s a look at the starting lineup for their 2018 list. View the complete list here.
Return to the Pier 2018  |  Santa Barbara, CA  |  1/13/2018
101 Surf Sports Winter Paddle Racing Series SR4  |  San Rafael, CA  |  1/13/2018
2018 Painkiller Cup (BVI) – SUP Team Race  |  British Virgin Islands  |  1/20/2018 ($4000 Team Prize)
101 Surf Sports Winter Paddle Racing Series RWC#1 2018  |  Red Wood City, CA  |  1/20/2018
Lazy Dog SUPFest & “Bone Island” 6-Miler Race  |  Key West, FL  |  1/25/2018
2018 Hanohano Huki Ocean Challenge  |  San Diego, CA  |  1/27/2018
FCPA Weeki Wachee Race 2018  |  Spring Hill, FL  |   2/3/2018

Sup Racer – Sup Racer features paddleboard races from around the world. They have a calendar page dedicated to upcoming racers. View the calendar here.

SUP Connect – An online publication for all things SUP. Find reviews, articles and upcoming races on their events calendar. View the calendar here.

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Sharksups racing board


Happy Paddleboard Racing!