How To Install Fins On An Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard

 Shark SUP Stand Up PaddleboardShark SUPs offers the most high quality, longlasting inflatable stand up paddleboards. We construct our boards using the best designs for the activities paddlers would like to do with them from surfing to whitewater, to paddling on the lake.

Stand up paddleboards include fins that are used for steering the board. This is especially important when you are paddling in currents or windy weather. Fins help the board go where you want it to go instead of nature making the decisions. The fin style and combination you need will depend on the size of the board and the water conditions.

Flatwater Stand Up Paddleboard Fins

Inflatable paddleboards that are specifically designed for flat water often use one fin. The reason is that one fin helps provide stability and prevents drag. It’s primarily used when paddling long distances. These boards are used when traveling on flat water for a casual paddle or when paddling with more than one person, especially with children.

Waves and Surf Stand Up Paddleboard Fins

When paddling on waves or choppier water, three fins are needed for maneuverability, quick action, and easier turning.

All-Round Water Conditions

All-Round boards are an excellent buy because they can be used in a variety of water conditions and by a variety of paddlers. The Shark SUP Fin Set includes three fins. Inflatable paddle boards traditionally use three fins. Fin placement affects the maneuverability of your surfing, the tracking of your racing and the stability of your flat water tour.

Shark SUPs offer easy fin installation. The pictures below illustrate the simple two-step process. For best results, test the different placements for your own unique position as proper fin placement varies by board and rider.

How To Install Fins on a SUP

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