SUP Workout: Stand Up Paddle Board Exercises

Exercising with a stand up paddleboard can at times hardly seem like exercising. Instead, you are enjoying the outdoors, the beauty of nature, and time alone or with friends or family. Stand up paddling chases away 500 calories per hour but you can turbocharge your time with these exercises we found from across the web. Click on the links below to see slideshows of the workouts.

Stand Up Paddleboard Workout From Self paddleboard workout

Photo from – Stand-Up Paddleboard Workout turned to top trainer Juris Kupris to demonstrate seven exercises you can do the next time you are out on the water. They put together a line up to cover nearly every muscle in your body.

The Strategy: Do each of the moves in the workout until you can’t muster another smooth move. Each time you workout, try to increase your reps.


  1. Booty booster for bottom, legs, abs and shoulders.
  2. Sit-up Cincher for the abs, obliques and back.
  3. Side Push Ups for arms, obliques, chest, abs, and bottom.
  4. Wave Chisler for the arms, shoulders, back, abs and obliques.
  5. Bottoms up for the abs and obliques.
  6. Spash and Sculpt for the shoulders, arms and chest.
  7. Power Press for the shoulders, arms and back.

Stand Up Paddleboard Exercises from Sports Illustrated

The editors at Sports Illustrated turned to SUP instructor Leslie Ross for exercises to work out your core like you’ve never done before. These high-intensity exercises will get you looking fit and trim in no time.


  1. Paddle Twists for the obliques, arms and back.
  2. Plank Ups for your arms, core, and legs.
  3. Side Plank Paddle Lifts for your arms, legs and abs.
  4. V-Sits for your abs, obliques, arms and legs.

Outside of the workouts above, Yoga is one of the most popular SUP exercise routines you can find. Wrap up your harder workouts with a Yoga workout to keep your muscles from getting sore. In fact, a Yoga SUP board is an ideal board for all of the exercises above.

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