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Our Philosophy

‘The feeling of being out on the water on a stand up paddle board is like floating on air.’

Alan Xu, Founder of Shark SUPs


We believe that stand up paddle boarding is an experience, and everything we do is dedicated to making it more enjoyable, affordable and accessible for everyone.

What We Do

Best inflatable SUP in the worldWe design and build the highest quality inflatable stand up paddle boards (SUPs) in the world. To us, it’s about much more than what the board looks like. The design, quality, performance, durability and ease of use are all part of what makes the stand up paddle boarding experience more fun and enjoyable for the people who own or rent our boards.


Of course, our boards look good too! We use the most advanced printing technology on our boards and a unique slicing process on the deck pad or traction pad to preserve the surface and avoid color peel off, even in the harshest conditions.


Our SUPs come in a wide range of styles and sizes, and we’re constantly innovating with new designs and new uses like our Yoga SUP and our gigantic Whale Shark SUP, as well as making continual improvements to our traditional stand up paddle board lines.

What Makes Us Different?

Shark SUP maintains a strong reputation as a manufacturer of paddle boards and related accessories.

Best Warranty, 3 YearsIndustry-leading, establishes credibility, increases confidence and trust. Describes quality of company.Stand up paddle boarding should be worry-free. You don’t have to worry about the board breaking, enjoy the experience instead. Also applies to resellers and surf shops that rent boards, they can feel confident with the product representing their business.
Max 25 PSI Higher pressure Holding TechnologyBetter user experience and safer
Lowest defect rate, as low as 3 out of 1,000Industry-leading, establishes credibility, increases confidence and trust. Describes quality of product.To make stand up paddle boarding more affordable for everyone, it takes a high-quality product that’s a good value. Like the 3-year warranty, you don’t have to worry about the board breaking, enjoy the experience instead. Also applies to resellers and surf shops that rent boards, they can feel confident with the product representing their business.
InflatableLightweight, more portable, can fit in a small storage space.A high-quality inflatable paddle board makes it easy for anyone to get started with stand up paddle boarding. You don’t need a roof rack for your car to get out on the water. For rental shops and resellers, they can fit more boards in less storage space and save on costs.
Highest quality PVC materialLong-lasting, won’t easily rip or tear, won’t leak, and colors won’t fade.Stand up paddle boarding is more enjoyable with a high-quality board that withstands the elements. For rental shops, high quality boards mean more rentals and more income. For resellers and rental shops, the high-quality materials reflect well on their business.
Military Grade Tough, stands up to extreme conditions.Made from tough material, you can have more freedom with a stand up paddle board. The tough material makes it possible to also have a river board for whitewater paddle boarding.
UV ResistantWithstands long-term exposure to sun and magnifying effect of water on sunlight.Store owners and rental shops can keep paddle boards clearly on display. Colors won’t fade over time, material is made to be used where there’s sun, fun and water.
50 PSI rated drop-stitchHigh-pressure holding stitch to prevent any leaks. Drop stitch creates a rock-hard surface for the SUP for hard shell performance and easy transportation and storage.No leaks mean no worries and more fun. High-quality leak-proof constructions makes the inflatable paddle board a true improvement over traditional designs.
Fusion TechnologyReduces weight and makes the board stronger. Fusion fuses a second layer of hard-wearing polymer to the dropstitch core at the raw materials state. The process saves almost 2kg in weight and makes the boards stiffer at lower pressures.Special technology that makes the board construction stronger, and also makes it more lightweight so it’s easier for people to carry and move on the water.
Most advanced printing technology with high quality ink.Colors won’t fade, boards look newer for a longer. Stands up to sun, surf, water and dirt – all the elements.High-quality material with high-quality printing results in a great first impression for owners and for people renting. The fun colors make the experience more enjoyable, and fit in with other beach and water products. Even better, the colors won’t fade over time so the paddle boards continue to look good.
Thicker rail, 0.9mm vs. 0.7mm for most brands.Stronger, more rigid board, longer-lasting and smoother surface.A sturdier construction is safer for first-time paddle boarders and more fun for experienced paddle boards who are hitting the waves or whitewater on the river.
Higher Quality ValveBuilt for high pressure with flap to stop air leaks.The valve is one of the most important components. We made sure the valve is easy to use and designed to withstand high pressure. High quality valves make inflatable paddle boards more fun and hassle-free.
Innovative slicing technology on deck pad or traction pad.Creates a more durable surface with less color peel off compared to typical printing on the deck pad.With improved traction and less color peel off, our deck pads continue to look good and keep feet secure for longer. This is one of the key areas that typically shows wear and we’ve taken the time to innovate the best design. For first-time paddle boarders and shop rentals, this is especially important. The safer someone feels, the more fun they’ll have!

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